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Oregon Presses Pause on New Cannabis License Applications

Aspiring entrepreneurs in the recreational marijuana industry will have to put their plans on hold as Oregon cannabis regulators from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) announced they will temporarily stop processing applications received after June 15. The OLCC is not capping the amount of licenses it can issue, rather the temporary pause is meant to give the agency a chance to clear a backlog of license applications. Applications that arrive after the mid-June deadline “will be set aside for processing until the OLCC processes outstanding applications and renewals in the queue,” the commission said. The OLCC is also taking the time to focus on license renewals as the agency underestimated the staff time and resources to complete those license renewals. “In order to ensure that the OLCC is fulfilling its regulatory duties and providing timely responses to businesses in the industry, we must focus on the current participants in the system and preserve for the Oregon Legislature its consideration of the necessity for further statutory controls on marijuana licensing in 2019,” said Executive Director Steve Marks in a statement.

The temporary hold on applications will not likely provide a long-term solution to the current glut of supply in the marketplace; although, a permanent cap on licenses for growers has been brought up as a solution to oversupply and associated problems.

If you’ve been putting off submitting your application to enter this industry, your time is running up. Contact us to get your business affairs in order and guide your through the application process.





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